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BK Wrestling: State Bound

Bk Wrestling

Congratulations to the BK wrestling team for their hard work and performance at districts. All the team members have done excellent this season, and worked very hard. This year the BK wrestling team was able to end the great season by sending some of their athletes to represent BK at the State Tournament. The following individuals will be competing for State: Senior: Patrick Oster Sophomore: Ben ... Read More »

Father Frasier Library Coming Soon


November 10th is the big day! After 5 month’s of hard work, the library is close to completion.  Chad Blue says “hopefully all the inspections go well and we pass”. They are a day ahead of schedule  and on October 10th they got all the sprinkler systems in and working. The grid and most of the lights are in and the furniture should be ... Read More »

Superior Service

Local Family

Hey seniors! Its almost that time of the year again! When we all have to turn in our Senior Service projects, on October 10th. With over 200 seniors this year, our combined service ranges from local community help to international aid. Some of us completed projects such as helping at Red Cross, or at our own local churches. Many of us ... Read More »

50th Birthday Celebration


Families, alumni, students, and other valued members of the community poured into the Carley Center for the 50th birthday Mass for Bishop Kelly.  The Mass seating was designed different this year so that everyone was seated the same direction. This was the 50th Anniversary Mass, followed  with hats, cupcakes and celebrating in the Reg. Present were dignitaries such as Mayor Dave ... Read More »

Super Soccer Starts


 Is it often a 4a school such as our own to compete against a 5a? Not very often, right? Even more uncommon is the fact that for their first game of the year, our Varsity Boys Soccer Team tied 1 to 1 against one of the most fearsome teams in the valley, Boise High.  It started out as a tough ... Read More »

First BK Photo Contest; Vote Here!


Hello voters! Below are the 8 photo submissions sent in by a wide variety of our very own BK students. The subject was “What Makes YOU Happy.” Take a look at all the fantastic photos and vote for your absolute favorite! (The prizes are listed below) The photos are labeled by number, so at the bottom of the page there will ... Read More »

Washing the Dust of Daily Life off; AP Art Show


As said by the famous Pablo Picasso, the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off of our souls. The Bishop Kelly AP Art show defiantly washed the dust off of people’s daily lives. Everywhere you looked, there was a new concept and new colors jumping out at you. There was many different types of art that ... Read More »

Softball Senior Night


The lady knights softball senior night was a success! BK played the Middleton Vikings. The lady knights fought hard and came up to plate with powerful bats and speed. The Vikings threw curve balls, but the lady knights prevailed. By the third inning the knights achieved a score of 4 to 1, with a winning start. This winning start paid ... Read More »

Don’t Be Part of the Statistics; Buckle Up For Bobby

Speakers(Mom, Dad, Friend) at the Buckle Up for Bobby assembly

One person dies in the US every 13 minutes in a car accident. Around 115 are killed every day. 1.2 million people are killed from car crashes world wide, each year. Don’t be a part of a statistic, please wear your seat belt. A  research report based on 2007 data reports that seat belts saved a whopping 15,147 lives each ... Read More »

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