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Every Can Counts


Each November the students of BK have a friendly competition to gather as much food as possible to help those in need. This year’s goal was to collect over 31,000 items! Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors each had their individual class goals. Every class had a higher goal than the previous  grade below, with seniors at the top with a goal of ... Read More »

Senior Out to Lunch


Once a month the seniors of Bishop Kelly High School are privileged enough to step off campus for one class period and the lunch break to go out to eat with classmates. All of the students stay generally close to school with the limited time given. The options are running out fast. With the last senior out to lunch having ... Read More »

Greens are Good!


Over the weekend from Friday to Saturday, Mrs. Meier’s horticulture class had its annual plant sale. Being right before mother’s day, it was a great time to sell some plants. More than one person was there to get their last minuet Mother’s day gifts. Friday was an exclusive sale, for only BK students, members, staff, and parents. However, on Saturday, ... Read More »

Knights State Basketball


On Thursday, March 6, the BK boy’s basketball team took on the Burley Bobcats in the first round of the state tournament at Borah High School losing 52-48. Ryan Matunas, senior post, was the top scorer for the Knights with 12 points and 9 rebounds. It was a close game with the largest point spread being just 6 points (Burley ... Read More »

Pac-Out after a Ski Day


Every skier and snowboarder sees Hawkins Pac-Out twice a day they go up to Bogus. Citizens that reside at the base of the mountain, Quail Ridge, or in the greater North End area see Hawkins every time they drive by Hill Road, Bogus Basin Road, and Harrison Boulevard. However, not many Boise residents know what Hawkins Pac-Out is. Well, have ... Read More »

Football is BK’s New Turkey


What do you think of when you hear Thanksgiving? According to a recent Knightbeat poll, Everyone’s favorite part of Thanksgiving is the football games. Football sacked the competition, coming in at 68% of the votes. Thanksgiving meal was only a side dish in this poll, as it only had 18% of the vote. Black Friday managed to push and shove ... Read More »

More Mashed Potatoes?


Bishop Kelly has voted that mashed potatoes are the best food to eat on Thanksgiving. McKenna Rackleff, junior, agrees with the result of the poll. Mashed potatoes are her favorite Thanksgiving food. Another junior, Mallory Warren, agreed with the poll results also. “Mashed potatoes are the best!” exclaimed Mallory.  Celebrated the fourth Tuesday of every November, Thanksgiving celebrates and gives ... Read More »

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