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Every Can Counts


Each November the students of BK have a friendly competition to gather as much food as possible to help those in need. This year’s goal was to collect over 31,000 items! Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors each had their individual class goals. Every class had a higher goal than the previous  grade below, with seniors at the top with a goal of ... Read More »

Student Council Update By Betsy Sabala


Student Council this year has been hard at work! We meet every Monday through Wednesday at seven am, YES 7 am! This year the class is comprised of about thirty-six students, compared to last year’s class of twenty-four.  As a leadership class, we learn all about the dynamics of leadership, the different types of leading, and the necessary qualities to ... Read More »

Father Frasier Library Coming Soon


November 10th is the big day! After 5 month’s of hard work, the library is close to completion.  Chad Blue says “hopefully all the inspections go well and we pass”. They are a day ahead of schedule  and on October 10th they got all the sprinkler systems in and working. The grid and most of the lights are in and the furniture should be ... Read More »

BK 2014 Homecoming Week!!!


The year’s first installment of the ever popular BK Spotlight. Check out videos introducing the new Knightbeat team, interviewing people about homecoming, powder puff and buff puff, and one video about all the dress up days. If you don’t want to miss any more of our videos and BK Spotlights, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on our BK ... Read More »

The Big 200

Bishop Kelly Fans

Boys soccer is usually pretty intense. Its gets even better with a crowd, and thats exactly what Coach Kerns wanted. Coach Kerns wanted a larger crowd to watch the Kuna game, and the Knights responded in force! Around 200 students showed up from all grade levels to support the boys varsity soccer team! It was the biggest turnout of the year ... Read More »

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