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Jimmy Driscoll Fun Run

Jimmy Driscoll Fun Run

On September 31, on a sunny day with clear skies, Bishop Kelly hosted it’s annual Jimmy Driscoll Run with a large turnout of 106 people. The Jimmy Driscoll Fun Run is a 5k run which takes place on the BK campus and is for runners of all ages from anywhere. It is held in memory of Jimmy Driscoll, who was Bishop Kelly’s first cross country coach. The race is three laps, where each lap gets progressively larger as it circles the campus, and ending on the track. There is a small entry fee for all participants, which is a donation to raise money for the Bishop Kelly High School cross country team. The top three runners all receive a gift certificate to Bandana Running, a local Boise store that sells track and field sportswear for men and women.

There were many different people at this event, one being a 5th grader from Sacred Heart by the name of Gabriel Clement. He ran the race with a time of 28:45, beating out many older than him. His strategy was “I was trying to keep a good pace, and then I would pass people…” Clement said that to keep himself going, it was good to “pass some people and then go onto the next person and focus on passing them…” Clement said he was happy with his time, and that he ran the race for fun.

A key runner in the race, and the same person who was able to snatch second place, was Joe Lovell. Lovell ran the race as a test to himself. He said his strategy for the race was “Lots of training.” When asked what kept him going after he felt like he couldn’t, he replied “around the middle I was having trouble…” and that “… pain is temporary, regret lasts a lifetime.”

There were a few runners from Bishop Kelly, among them teachers like Mrs. Gailis. Gailis was shooting for a time under 30:00, and just missed it with a time of 30:07. Her strategy was to “Just keep running!” When asked if she ever felt like giving up, she said “… after two miles, I didn’t know if I could do it.”

Cross Country then raced after the Fun Run. Bishop Kelly was 5th in Men’s Varsity, sixth in Women’s Varsity, 6th in Men’s Junior Varsity, and 5th in Women’s Junior Varsity.

To view more stats on the race, including the times of specific runners for Cross Country, Results from Fun Run

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