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Lions and Knights Switch Places

Lions and Knights Switch Places

This week, March 3, Bishop Kelly students and Borah students switched places for classes, having Borah here and BK kids over there seeing the differences between the two schools. Gabby Fitz and Eli Neal gave a quote saying how they spent their day and how they felt about it. “It was much bigger than BK and more colorful, there were murals everywhere and more decorations were up in the hallways. Everyone was very friendly and genuinely kind. The classes on the other hand, were not as hard as you would think as seniors at Borah, it was easy to keep up with what was going on and what the teacher was talking about.” It sounded like they had a good time over at Borah and they felt very welcomed by those who reached out to them. There were not many differences between our two schools obviously, but there were a couple that it seemed the BK students seemed to enjoy. They really enjoyed having the open campus and being able to go buy lunch. “That was my favorite part of the day.” – Gabby Fitz and Eli Neal. 


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