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Tips to Survive Academically

Tips to Survive Academically

Everyone knows how tough school can be, and how important it is. Whether you’re in all AP classes or the average student struggling to maintain a good GPA, this article is for you.

  1. Ask for Help. The best thing to do when you need help is to ask. That’s what teachers are there for. Asking for help shows that you care, and shows that you want to get better. If you are struggling in a class, or don’t understand a concept, ask for help.
  2. Take Good Notes. Taking notes is one thing, but to be successful, you must take good notes. Make sure you can understand and read your notes after you take them. Also notes are no good if you don’t go back over them. Make sure you study your notes and review them often.
  3. Don’t Procrastinate. There’s nothing more stressful than rushing to finish an assignment or essay. Take time every night to focus on homework even if it’s just 10 minutes each night, it will add up. If you’re rushing to finish an assignment, you won’t be able to do your best or get the best grade that you can.
  4. Stay Organized. The best way to make sure you get your homework done is to stay organized! Making lists is a great way to remember what you need to do. When making a list, prioritize, put the thing you are dreading the most on top so you get it done, and you will feel a lot better.
  5. Participate. Last but certainly not least, you must participate. When in class you learn better when you’re involved and asking questions. The information goes deeper when you participate, and it can even be more fun when you speak up and get involved.
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About Madison M. Smith

Madison Smith is a junior at Bishop Kelly, and wants to be a movie director or create movie scores for movies when she is older. She wants to attend college at UCLA or Duke University to study film and music. She is self-taught in guitar and mandolin, and plays soccer, as well as runs track for BK. Madison was recently invited to attend a Digital Media and Journalism Conference in Washington DC this summer. She loves creating BK Spotlights and writing for the Knightbeat online newspaper.

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