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An Inspirational JUMP

An Inspirational JUMP

As I was driving down Myrtle Street, I happened to glance left.  I noticed a large construction project underway.  This project is known as JUMP— Jack’s Urban Meeting Place.  The project is headed by Maggie Soderberg.  JUMP is planning on opening in 2015.  The essential foundation of JUMP is “Where do we want to go from here and how do we get there?”

Soderberg is a friend of the family; therefore, I had some time to ask her a few questions.  When asked, “What inspired you to come up with JUMP?” she responded, “JUMP was created with JR Simplot’s idea of optimism, risk-taking, and strong belief in following your dreams.  JUMP originated from JR’s desire to show young people how we got to where we are today by sharing some of the past.”

I agree with Soderberg’s statement because we learn from the past, by learning from the past we learn from our mistakes and how we can change.  I also agree with inspiration.  It is the base of all bright ideas.  Inspiration moves everyone.

The second question that Soderberg was asked, “If there was one thing that you would want high school students to know about JUMP, what would it be?” She responded, “It is a unique place that serves as the base of inspiration.  With all the studios that are being created, visitors are going to have a lot to choose from.”

A construction worker, Scooter Henderson, explained to us “that JUMP is a one-of-a-kind building that is unlike any other place in the world.”

Scooter laser checking levels

I learned that JR had also invested in antique tractors.  In the building plan, Soderberg is putting those antique tractors to good use.  She is placing the tractors in the parking garage, on the bike path, and around the facility of JUMP.

Soderberg is also constructing a conference room with a disco ball.  This space, she informed me, would be used for local proms and dances, but also for speakers and other events.

A large portion of JUMP is the studios.  The Kitchen studio is a place for gathering and creating new dishes for all.  The Movement studio is for brand new dance instructors to teach innovative dance.  The Makers Studio is for new creators to experiment without running the price up.  The Multi-Media studio is for growing film makers to become pros with camera equipment.  Finally, the Inspiration Studio will be a stepping stone for local endeavors to inspire the local community.

From the drawings and blueprints I have seen, JUMP is going to be wonderful addition to bring locals together.  In my opinion, the meeting place is going to be a tremendous asset for future generations to take advantage of.  JUMP will be the only building in the world to have this much inspiration.  Soderberg hopes to expand the idea of JUMP in the future, but for now, she is content with perfecting the Treasure Valley JUMP.  As the production of JUMP continues, I will be closely watching its development.

Get ready to JUMP in.

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