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Is March Madness Making You Mad?

Credit to; thefeminitwire.com

Throughout the many years that have been played this in March Madness this year has been the year of insane unsets. If you think about it, the championship game was played by two teams that are ranked 7 and 8 which are the highest ranked teams ever to play in the championship game. After many upsets, that many people would have never guessed people ... Read More »

BK on Netflix and Top 3′s of Horror, Comedy, and TV Show’s


If you’ve ever had access to Netflix, you know the feelings of binge watching a new show you found, watching all 7 seasons in two days, and getting depressed when it’s over. It’s a pretty common thing for Netflix users. Netflix allows you to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV shows that stream to your TV or game console. Sounds ... Read More »

Above the Clouds


The clouds hovering over Boise has been an inconvenience for all of us. It has been hanging around too long and it is time for a change. My family was ready to go explore the upmost reaches of the inversion. On Sunday afternoon we drove up about 10 miles up Bogus Basin and turned off to the right. The slow ... Read More »

The Mind of a Journalist


Hmmm, interesting. You’re reading this article and I didn’t even have to tell you too. That’s quite…. interesting.  But why? Why are you reading this article? Was it the simple but yet not so simple picture of a notebook, pencil, and laptop? Or was it the title? Maybe you saw the first few words and were curious to see what ... Read More »

The Voice of the Student – Reality or Rubbish?


A word from our student council member, Gabe Richardson. Often, I have found that many students feel as if they are sheep being drifted into what others want them to do. Either they are manipulated by societal norms, carried away with trends, or they are pushed by the decisions of their peers. Other times they just need to follow rules ... Read More »

An Inspirational JUMP


As I was driving down Myrtle Street, I happened to glance left.  I noticed a large construction project underway.  This project is known as JUMP— Jack’s Urban Meeting Place.  The project is headed by Maggie Soderberg.  JUMP is planning on opening in 2015.  The essential foundation of JUMP is “Where do we want to go from here and how do ... Read More »

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