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6th Annual Love What’s Real Contest

Love What's Real Writing Contest 2015

The Love What’s Real Challenge was an opportunity for students to answer and reflect on some important questions like: Why is it important to be yourself in a relationship? How strict gender roles harm our relationships? How can you end a culture of unhealthy and abusive relationships? Students were challenged to write about real relationships, real social change, real expression ... Read More »

January Catholic Schools Week Spotlight 2015

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January 26th through the 30th is nationally known as Catholic School’s week! Bishop Kelly HS celebrates this week with fun dress up days including Twin day, Hawaiian shirt day, etc. Next, winter sports have come and gone, but here is a highlight video to commemorate their awesomeness! Lastly we have included a hilarious video of teachers and students performing the “Whip,” ... Read More »

Knights Getting Fancy


Brooke Hanousek and Elena Rebholtz have made so amazing art work! You know when your walking to lunch and you see the art work in the glass well take some time to look at it there are some amazing pieces in there. Mrs. Wilson told her class that they had to make plates and have something coming off of them. Elena did ... Read More »

BK 2014 Homecoming Week!!!


The year’s first installment of the ever popular BK Spotlight. Check out videos introducing the new Knightbeat team, interviewing people about homecoming, powder puff and buff puff, and one video about all the dress up days. If you don’t want to miss any more of our videos and BK Spotlights, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on our BK ... Read More »

Rising Star: Lauren Degen


Lauren Degen, junior at Bishop Kelly, started her singing career when she was only five years old. She started playing piano at seven, writing her own music at age 10, and playing guitar at 13.  Degen’s passion for music and performing finally led to her recording in Nashville and getting her single “Remember this Night” available to all of her ... Read More »

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