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Dotty Clark 2015 Update: No Snow?

Dotty Clark 2015 Update: No Snow?

This past Friday our Bishop Kelly Ski and Board Team competed in Dotty Clark, the annual Boise race. The team practiced and competed throughout the year in order to prepare for this race. Mrs. Watson and the team traveled to Bogus Basin Friday, February 20th, 2015 hoping for good snow!

From Mrs. Watson’s point of view the snow was “…actually not that bad at all. Everyone thought it was going to be much worse, it was snowing and everything was good.” In comparison to Mrs. Watson’s comments ski team member Katrina Bertelsen (Senior), said, “It was terrible! After the competition everyone tried to find places to ski for fun, but it was tough. Mostly just dirt.”  Overall the teams competed well!

Despite the lack of snow the BK Ski and Board Team performed well at the Dotty Clark Race and able to bring home the 2nd place trophy! Congrats to everyone for having a great season and ending it with such an accomplishment.

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