October 23, 2021 - 11:10 pm
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An Unplanned Blackout

An Unplanned Blackout

Rumors are spreading almost as quickly as the frigid winter air throughout Bishop Kelly. Throughout half the school the heat is down, the water isn’t running, internet is down; the power is out.

Some declared it was a result of the new Fr. Fraiser Library, but after taking a deeper look into the issue, we found some other possible reasons. According to Mr. Quilici, the reason is still not certain ye, butt there are some theories floating around. Whether visiting the front office, talking to vice principles, teachers, or students, the theory is that the root of the problem is…moisture. The unexpected winter snow is slithering into our circuits and damaging the old ones. The newest wings of the school, which all run on a new circuit, still have power but the older ones are without.

Monday, November 17th, Bishop Kelly’s students were released at the end of 4th period. Wednesday, the 18th, students received a  9 o’clock late start. After talking to Mrs. Emerich, she said that the school must be able to provide food for the students if they are to keep them there. Thanks to some outstanding lunch ladies who worked all morning to hand make lunches and even heat up the soup in the teachers’ lounge, lunch was provided!

The faculty and technicians are doing everything in their power to solve this little issue. Until then, the school will keep doing their best to provide students with what they need so this outage does not affect their learning environment.



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Senior at Bishop Kelly High school. Class of '15. First year as a part of the Bishop Kelly Knightbeat news team and can't wait to see all that the Knightbeat will do this year!

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