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6th Annual Love What’s Real Contest

6th Annual Love What’s Real Contest

The Love What’s Real Challenge was an opportunity for students to answer and reflect on some important questions like: Why is it important to be yourself in a relationship? How strict gender roles harm our relationships? How can you end a culture of unhealthy and abusive relationships?

Students were challenged to write about real relationships, real social change, real expression and enter their work for a chance to win some prizes and have their work published. This writing contest is widely popular and had many individuals submit their work, BK is proud to acknowledge and congratulate¬†the following individuals for not only accepting the challenge but also for having their work published in the 6th Annual Love What’s Real poetry books: Lucy Martinez, Gregory Daggett, Gabby Fitz, Brennan Gazdik, Isabelle Howard, Tatum MacMillan, and Ava Smith.

To see their winning pieces of work click on the images below.









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