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First BK Photo Contest; Vote Here!


Hello voters! Below are the 8 photo submissions sent in by a wide variety of our very own BK students. The subject was “What Makes YOU Happy.” Take a look at all the fantastic photos and vote for your absolute favorite! (The prizes are listed below) The photos are labeled by number, so at the bottom of the page there will ... Read More »

New Discoveries in the Final Fronter


Space, a place filled with the unknown, full of new discovers. And scientists have done it again finding more about that giant nothingness that surrounds us. Scientists found that on one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, has a large lake under its surface. The moon has a surface covered in ice and a underground lake was recently found on the south pole of ... Read More »

Students Teach About Environmental Issues


On Thursday, April 24th, Mrs.Reid’s environmental science classes presented the school with a science fair raising awareness for environmental issues.  Freshmen and sophomores in her classes got to choose their own topic they wanted to inform people on. Some of the topics included how some food dyes in America are banned in Europe and about how not recycling affects animals. They ... Read More »

Washing the Dust of Daily Life off; AP Art Show


As said by the famous Pablo Picasso, the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off of our souls. The Bishop Kelly AP Art show defiantly washed the dust off of people’s daily lives. Everywhere you looked, there was a new concept and new colors jumping out at you. There was many different types of art that ... Read More »

Meet Emily Fritchman


For about the past 10 years, Emily Fritchman has been actively involved in her favorite activity, art. One of Emily’s favorite pieces she has done is the drawing of a goose she did this year called The Neighbor. It was on display at the AP Art Show this year. It took her about 2 days to complete. She said it ... Read More »

We’ll Miss You Mr. Wehde and Mr. Coulter!!


Dear Bishop Kelly faculty, students, and community; As you all know Mr. Wehde and Mr. Coulter will not be joining us for the 2014-2015 academic school year.  They have been a part of the Bishop Kelly community for as long as my peers and I have been attending Bishop Kelly High School.  They have done much to improve the academic lives of ... Read More »

Robotics in Boise


FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) is a robotics competition run through FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) that strives to get high school students involved in technology. This program puts students into a competitive environment. Teams around the globe from Israel to China are shown a video on a live stream that shows the competition for the year. In just the ... Read More »

C’est la Vie en France


  This is a video of the French trip that happened last March. It was with the second, third, and forth year of French class students. We started in Paris and worked our way down to Nice, and for one day went to Monaco. Read More »

Don’t Be a Fool. Go See the Spring Play!


April 10-13 the drama club will be putting on their spring play Fools, by Neil Simon. Around 200 years ago, a curse was cast on the village of Kulyenchikov after the son of Vladimir Yousekevitch killed himself because the first Sophia Zubritsky was forbid to see him being that he was illiterate. This curse caused everyone in the village to ... Read More »

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