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Speech and Debate Celebrates All Team Success

2013-2014 debate shirt

BK Speech and Debate went to the district debate tournament and qualified 5 of 8 entries. They worked very hard to prepare for some  pretty strange topics and helped each other to get to this point. Please wish all of them your congratulations. We have two weeks to prepare to go to State Debate. In Public Forum debate Ryleigh Navert and ... Read More »

BK on Netflix and Top 3′s of Horror, Comedy, and TV Show’s


If you’ve ever had access to Netflix, you know the feelings of binge watching a new show you found, watching all 7 seasons in two days, and getting depressed when it’s over. It’s a pretty common thing for Netflix users. Netflix allows you to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV shows that stream to your TV or game console. Sounds ... Read More »

Knights with the Pin!


After a long season of sweat and maintaining season, the final tournaments of the year were this past weekend and next weekend. This past weekend the District Championships were held in the Carley Center. Boone Bartlome made a surprise arrival during the a break in the wrestling action. Coach Chad Blue, head wrestling coach here at Bishop Kelly, stated, “I wanted to make his ... Read More »

Flying into their Future


As their pens scratch away on the Letter of Intent forms that Conner Mallet and Spencer King sign, they think about the amazing years to come paying football for the Air Force Academy. Mallet and King have been playing football for many years, both starting in elementary school and making their way through middle school, junior high, and high school. ... Read More »

Preparing to spring into a new sports season


As spring tryouts are quickly approaching, students have been busy getting prepared for their sports. Spring sports include golf, lacrosse, tennis, track and field, baseball and softball. Junior lacrosse players Sara Ballantyne and Brooke Jaundalderis said that they have been attending winter conditioning eating healthier so that they can play their best when their season starts in about a week. ... Read More »

Volunteering in the Dominican Republic.


“I had a baseball bat that wasn’t for baseball” said a Bishop Kelly alumni Ryan Browning. Ryan, who left the United States for two years to help those less fortunate, was a volunteer in the Dominican Republic, doing his best to improve life for his own assigned community. He returned to the United States and spoke to BK students about ... Read More »

Going to Nationals

Nick at NFL with teammate Madeline Keckler

BK Speech and Debate had a very long, hard fought, three-day tournament this past weekend. The big deal about this tournament is if you do well, you qualify to compete at the national level. We are very proud to announce that senior, Nick Murdock, qualified in international extemporaneous speaking.  Please congratulate all of them as you see them today. Read More »

Much Ado About Newton


In an isolated part of the B-Wing, resides a new member to the Bishop Kelly staff. He teaches Conceptual Physics and Chemistry. One may know who I am writing about since you have him as a teacher. However, one may not. Oh, the contraire, you will know who this outstanding performer in the classroom is after I illustrate him in a manner ... Read More »

Senior Night Against Middleton


On Thursday February 13, the Bishop Kelly Boy’s Varsity Basketball team played Middleton and won 52 to 43 after a very close game. BK was leading at the end of the first quarter, but lost that lead during the second. They then were able to catch back up to Middleton during the forth quarter and was able to gain a ... Read More »

Future BK Students


Many Bishop Kelly teachers and staff have children that range in ages. Some are as young as 8 months old and some have graduated college. Here are some of the younger kids that teachers at BK have! Gwendalynne (Gwen) Yowell–Age 4 Kathleen (Katie) Yowell–Age 8 “Gwen came to the In-Service day before second semester began.  While I was helping Mrs. ... Read More »

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