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Bishop Kelly Doesn’t Study


This weeks poll asked students “How long will you study for finals each night?” Shocking results show most BK students don’t study. According to the poll results, 74% of the students at Bishop Kelly study 0 hours each night for finals. The rest of the poll results were very close, with the last two results being tied for last. 1-2 ... Read More »

Get Your Ski On!


You may be thinking, “Me? Ski down the mountain ? Snow way!”  But why not take a chance and join the exciting and enjoyable Bishop Kelly Ski Team next year! No matter what skill level, must it be novice, intermediate, or even expert, any one is welcome! “The most exciting thing about the upcoming Ski Team season is that we ... Read More »

Wrestling update

Corey Hoch (right)

Last week the BK Wrestling team competed in 2 dual meets and a tournament.  While hobbled by injury and illness several BK varsity wrestlers picked-up wins including seniors Corey Hoch and Rick Lafond, sophomore Jon Baumgardner, and Freshman Raphie Rodriguez.  The varsity team is now off until January 3rd, although the team will practice through the holiday.   Junior Varsity wrestlers ... Read More »

Birthday Wish Comes True


    On December 13, 2013 at Idaho Ice World, Logan Lofto had scored three times in the Knights victory over the combined team of Mountain View and Centennial. Scoring three times makes this his third ‘hat trick’ this season. A hat trick of hat tricks one might say. It was also his birthday a week before. What a way ... Read More »

Bishop Kelly’s Favorite Things About Winter


Idaho is known for the chilly winter season that makes everyone want to cuddle up to a warm fire. There are perks to winter, and there sure are disadvantages. Some perks are sledding, snowball fights, and all our favorite child-hood activity, making the perfect snowman. The disadvantages are when you’re just about to get in your car and head to ... Read More »

Stay Frosty BK


A weather forecast video for the upcoming finals week, focusing on the United States and Bishop Kelly area. With temperatures dropping below zero, polar bears migrating, and the United States completely freezing over, this weather forecast will make you want to dress up nice and warm. Snuggle up next to the fire and sip on a cup of hot chocolate. ... Read More »

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