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Wreck-It Ralph Review


In 2012, there are a great deal of films that are some of the most extraordinary and ground-breaking of their genres, but there are also some that are more subtle and recognizable hits that everyone knows they can and will love, and one of these films is Wreck-It Ralph. In this new Disney film, Ralph is the villain of an ... Read More »

Confirmation Classes


Confirmation classes are now being held through Oneight and Lifeteen at St. John’s Cathedral. This offer is available for all people who wish to be confirmed into the Catholic faith, and Confirmation is one of the essential seven sacraments. Lorissa Horn, the minister for the youth groups of the church, is the leader of the program and has opened it ... Read More »

The Benefits of Reading


Reading can take you to a different world, outside the walls of Bishop Kelly, without leaving the comfort of your desk. Plus it has been proven that reading increases test scores and improves critical thinking. For BK’s assistant librarian, Ms. Small, reading has always been a part of her. “For me, reading was my fantasy.” She said, “I’ve been a ... Read More »

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Bishop Kelly’s Theatre arts program has managed to pull it off again in their spectacular performance of, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There were nineteen cast and crew and fourteen roles to be filled. With a long eight weeks of preparation and under the direction of Jenny Sterling, the performance debuted November 1st, a Thursday, and then continued with performances ... Read More »

Poverty In America


Twenty and a half million people in America are in deep poverty, that is 6.7 percent of the population of all the states. America is known to be the affluent part of the world but this prenotion illusions people to think that there is no such thing as poverty in America. To inform the general public of this country, this ... Read More »

Bishop Kelly’s Seasonal Family Recipes


In the Bishop Kelly community we have many different backgrounds of people who have come together at this school and all have special holiday dishes that they may share with the Bishop Kelly community. These special dishes are in a wide array of candies to soups, dinner entrées, and desserts. For example a dish that my family creates is our ... Read More »

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