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New BK Classes

This year, like most years here at BK, there have been some changes with some of the courses. There have been four new classes added to the BK curriculum. They are, Digital Media, AP Environmental Science, Transitional English, and string ensemble. But what are these new classes all about? Do we really need them? In this article I will only ... Read More »

Teachers Outside of School


Here at Bishop Kelly our teacher’s lives do not begin or end when the bell rings but go enjoy some of their favorite activities outside of school. Our humble history teacher Mr. Crump in his spare time is training for the 2014 Winter Olympics in the sport of curling. “I am going for the gold!” he said to reporters. But ... Read More »

Alumni Teachers at BK

Chad Barker, Senior year at Bishop Kelly

Bishop Kelly High School as the only Catholic high school in state of Idaho, attracted many people in the past and still attracts many people now. In Fact, many people who attended Bishop Kelly as a student in the past have come back to the school as a teacher. Meet the Bishop Kelly alumni teachers! Ms. Bieter – Our beloved ... Read More »

BK 2012 Homecoming Spotlight


Please enjoy our second edition of the BK Spotlight Video. The segments in this video are from our Homecoming, 2012. Segments include: Anchors shot by Maddie Hardee Producer compiling video clip was Will Housley “Dress Days” by Carlos Morawski “Crepe Eating Contest” by Shihwan Baek “How to Ask your Date” by Madison Smith Football game video and coverage by Noah ... Read More »

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