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The Real Michael Denté


Have you ever met someone who was born in an orange orchard? Well actually you have and his name is Mr. Denté. Mr. Denté was born in San Jose California and went to Junior college there. He first tried to get a degree in pre-law following his father’s desires but never found it to spark his interest. And just like ... Read More »

BackPack Showdown


On a busy first day of school, the BK students poured in to the Carley Center for an unexpected, but not surprising assembly. One could heard students amongst the buzzing of the crowd. “It will probably be about dress code and dance policy, you know, the usual stuff”, and, honestly, it was. However, something a little bit more exciting happened ... Read More »

New Teachers at BK


As school rolls around, many students have noticed new faces among the faculty and in the halls. BK Knightbeat goes behind the scenes to “Meet the New Teachers.” The first person to meet is Mr. Paul Wardwell, who will be taking over for Miss Jibben as the Speech, Debate, and Digital Media teacher. The Boise native heard about BK as ... Read More »

Tips to Survive Academically


Everyone knows how tough school can be, and how important it is. Whether you’re in all AP classes or the average student struggling to maintain a good GPA, this article is for you. Ask for Help. The best thing to do when you need help is to ask. That’s what teachers are there for. Asking for help shows that you ... Read More »

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