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Senior Out to Lunch

Senior Out to Lunch

Once a month the seniors of Bishop Kelly High School are privileged enough to step off campus for one class period and the lunch break to go out to eat with classmates. All of the students stay generally close to school with the limited time given. The options are running out fast. With the last senior out to lunch having just passed, here are just a few fresh ideas for students, the distances from BK are included. A personal review of Panda Express (in the mall), where I went last, is also provided below for students who are interested in the future! Feel free to click on the names of the restaurants to get directions from Bishop Kelly!

Golden Coral: 1.5 Miles

Cheesecake Factory: 1.2 Miles

Olive Garden: 1.1 Miles

Chipotle Mexican Grill: 1.6 Miles

Cafe Ole: 1.0 Miles

Red Robin: 1.1 Miles

Big Bun Drive In: 1.9 Miles

Taco Time: 1.9 Miles

Eddie’s Restaurant: 1.8 Miles

Outback Steakhouse: 1.8 Miles

Review Overview


Personal Review of Panda Express

Summary : My personal rating on Panda Express's taste, service, and atmosphere. Enjoy!

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