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Don’t Be a Fool. Go See the Spring Play!


April 10-13 the drama club will be putting on their spring play Fools, by Neil Simon. Around 200 years ago, a curse was cast on the village of Kulyenchikov after the son of Vladimir Yousekevitch killed himself because the first Sophia Zubritsky was forbid to see him being that he was illiterate. This curse caused everyone in the village to ... Read More »

Ultimate Spring Break Playlist; 14 Songs for 2014


We all know that during Spring break, teenagers work on their tans and teachers work on their sanity. Below are 14 uplifting, catchy, and Spring-break-ready songs that will defiantly spice up your wonderful week off. This playlist includes EDM (Electric Dance Music), Alternative, and other surprises. At least one song on this playlist will be a song that you have ... Read More »

BK Goes on Spring Break

Ann Clarke

Where do students and their families go for Spring Break? Well, let’s find out. Some popular Spring Break destinations include Hawaii, Mexico, and California. Bishop Kelly students and families will be heading to a wide variety of places. I for one am going to Phoenix, Arizona with the baseball team to play in a week long tournament. Enough about me, ... Read More »

Preparing to spring into a new sports season


As spring tryouts are quickly approaching, students have been busy getting prepared for their sports. Spring sports include golf, lacrosse, tennis, track and field, baseball and softball. Junior lacrosse players Sara Ballantyne and Brooke Jaundalderis said that they have been attending winter conditioning eating healthier so that they can play their best when their season starts in about a week. ... Read More »

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