October 22, 2020 - 2:49 pm
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Softball’s Huge Win Over Mtn. Home

Softball’s Huge Win Over Mtn. Home

The Knights traveled to Mt Home last night and stopped the Lady Tigers 16-4. Emily did a nice job pitching the complete game and got the victory behind 19 hits from the Knights.  Jenny & Gabi had one hit each, Emily and CeCe had two hits, Syd, Delaney and Sheridan each had 3 hits, while Taylor was 4-4 on the night! Syd, Delaney, CeCe and Gabi had doubles while Taylor had 3!  Lil, CeCe, Taylor and Gabi each RBI’s and Delaney and Sydney had 2 apiece.  The Knights go to Middleton at noon on Saturday.  Go Knights!

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