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Pac-Out after a Ski Day

Pac-Out after a Ski Day

Every skier and snowboarder sees Hawkins Pac-Out twice a day they go up to Bogus. Citizens that reside at the base of the mountain, Quail Ridge, or in the greater North End area see Hawkins every time they drive by Hill Road, Bogus Basin Road, and Harrison Boulevard. However, not many Boise residents know what Hawkins Pac-Out is. Well, have no fear because I’m here to explain what it is.

Hawkins Pac-Out is located on 2315 North Bogus Basin Road. It has been there since I can remember! The menu is an elaborate assortment for a “Pac-Out” burger joint. The food is mid–priced and prepared by the order. The food is perfect for a quick bite to eat after a long day of skiing or boarding. The Pac-Out is famous for its “Shake of the Month”. January’s “Shake of the Month” is Carmel Butterfinger. Check it out.  

My order that I tried was the Corn Dog and Curly Fry Combo. The corn dog was piping hot and the breading was bronze and crunchy adding for a near perfect taste. The curly fries were seasoned and salted for a delicious taste. I was hoping for a touch crispier fries, but they were still full of flavor. The Corn Dog and Curly Fry combo was about $7. A small Vanilla-Marshmallow shake was $1.80. All in all it was a great price for a decent amount of food.

My father ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger and a small Chocolate Peanut Butter milkshake coming to a total of $7.60. The entire meal was a grand total of $17.35. He loved the burger because of the amount of lettuce and tomato was not overpowering the taste of the burger. It was just the right amount. The bun was of medium width, so there wasn’t too much bread involved. The food is satisfying after a long day at the mountain.

The next time you are done skiing or snowboarding, stop by for a bite to eat at Hawkins Pac-Out. If you do not live by Bogus Basin Road there is a partner “Pac-Out” on Fairview. The Zimm’s Burger Stache is what you are looking for if you do not want to drive down to Bogus Basin Road. Please enjoy!


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