June 20, 2021 - 4:00 am
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Knights 4 Life Trip

Knights 4 Life Trip

Congratulations to the Knights for Life Pro-Life Club at BK! They have been named by Students for Life of America as “High School Group of the Year” for the West Coast, and have been awarded $1000 to put towards future efforts.

The club was given this award at the Students for Life of America National Conference in San Francisco this past January, after three of the officers Alison Pettyjohn, Sage Genna, and Maggie Flores fundraised over $1,700 to send themselves to both the Conference and the West Coast Walk for Life!

Way to go, ladies, and we hope you will continue to spread the truth of the pro-life message to your peers! Parents, encourage your students to join this great student group – after all, they are now officially one of the best!

Taken from BK Alive Weekly Newsletter.

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