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10 Fun, Free Video Games

10 Fun, Free Video Games

“Video games are bad for you?  That’s what they said about rock n’ roll! “ Shigeru Miyamoto said. Let’s talk about video games, and put your wallet away because I’m talking about free games. Now we all love games, the RPG’s, the FPS’s, and the MMO’s, but when they are free it makes it all the better. And before you leave I have games for everyone’s tastes, from the guy who likes to shoot things, to the one who enjoys a good story. So let’s get started with number ten.

 1o. The Domovoi 

The Domovoi is a choose your own adventure text-based game. It is an independent game that can be played in your web-browser. You can go through all the different paths in about 20 minuets. This game isn’t very complicated and is not long but has a charm that I love. The art work and story telling is amazing. However, it is to a certain extant creepy and there is a lack of music making it not as engaging as it could be.  Overall I find the game odd and compelling and think that you should play it if story games are your thing.

9. Reprisal

The Reprisal is another game that is played in your web browser. It is a simple game where you take control over a tribe on an island. You then try and take over the other tribes on the island using the powers that you have at your disposal. It is an easy and fun game that you could play for hours. It has a pixelated art style and nice music, but it can get a little annoying after a while. It is a good game that can distract you when your bored.

                                                               8. Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone is a free downloadable first person adventure game where a story is told without any words. It is a short game that can be played in under ten minutes and has wonderful music and graphics. The story is that you are a spy and have to do certain things that a spy would do. The boxy art style is very cool and original and adds to the game play. The music is one of the best parts of this game and is just an amazing part of the game. If you enjoy this game it also has a sequel but it costs  five dollars but is also an incredible game.

                     7. SCP – Containment Breach

This is a free downloadable indie game that is a horror survival game. This is a scary game where you are a test subject for a company that studies certain items and creatures that have very interesting abilities. These creatures and items are called SCPs and some are helpful but most are deadly.  The game has good music and nice graphics. And is continuously updated making it a great game.

                                                                                                             6.  Mad Father

Mad Father is an free downloadable RPG Maker game. It is another horror game but is focused more on story. It has just an amazing story and music making this one of my favorite games of all time. Mad Father is about a little girl named Aya, her Father, and the secrets he has.   Mad Father is a long game that can last a couple of hours. Mad Father is a incredible game that gives me chills just when I think about it. I suggest that should everyone play it.

                       5. The Button Affair

A free to download auto-runner where you are Enzo Gabriel and you are trying to steal the priceless Button Jewel from the infinitely wealthy business tycoon Victor Meirelles. It is a fun game that you will fail a lot. It took me countless of tries to beat the game. It was fun and has a stunning commic book like art style and really good music. It’s a really fun game to play at any time.

                                                                                                                       4. Hexagon

Hexagon is a free game that plays in your web-browser. It is a fast paced avoiding game. It is very fun, quick, and very frustrating. I played this game around sixty times and I can not make it past level three. It has fast paced electronic music playing in the background that really fits with the game. It is fun to play just when ever and so addicting you won’t stop playing it. If you like this game, there is a more polished version called Super Hexagon that can be bought.

                                                                                 3. Hawken

Hawken is a free to download multiplayer game where you are placed in war mech. This is a first person shooter and has just amazing graphics, and with wonderful landscapes. Hawken is a fairly easier to pick up and will keep you coming back. It runs great and has numerous different mechs and weapons to choose from. It also has a ok music track. This game is excellent, I loved how strategic could be. Great game.

                                                                                                                    2. Kraven Manor

An indie horror game that was made by thirteen college students. They game is free to download and it so interesting. It has good graphics and a wonderful story line that leaves you wanting more. With all the jump scares and interactions with a evil manikin. The ending left me so confused and interested.  Great game that will only take about an hour to finish.

                                                                                    1. Warframe

A free to download, cooperative first person shooter that is just plane fun. The combat is great and so are the visuals. There are many different suits, and abilities your character can have and it has good music to accompany the game play. It is a fun game that you should try.

 Click the title to go to the game’s website.

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