September 19, 2020 - 4:00 pm
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Lady Knights Soccer at State

Lady Knights Soccer at State

Photo provided by Terry Bartlett

As the 4A SIC State Soccer Tournament came to close, I wanted to let the BK girls know that they played their hearts out.  Even when the result didn’t go their way, the team showed tremendous class during the State Championship.  I understand the loss is tough, so I won’t spend too much time talking about it.

However, the seniors on the team led by perfect example.   Alyssa Stewart, Liz Thometz, Shannon McGrath, Mickie Piechowski, Raquel Mouw, Kori Swanson, and Sara Augustine worked extremely hard to preserve the eighty-nine game win streak during the season with only one tie.  As the seniors leave particularly disappointed, they have the unbelievable win streak to their name, as well as a high school that looks up the girls’ team with respect for what they have accomplished.

provided by Mrs. Piechowski

The reins have now passed from the leading seniors, to group of highly competent juniors and sophomores.  The school, especially the seniors, has high expectations for next season.  Bishop Kelly Knights soccer continues to have a dominating presence in the realm of 4A soccer even when the end result is not what we were hoping for.

The entire state looks on our team as respectful athletes on the field of competition.  Remember, we are modest, class act student-athletes in which we get the upmost respect from not only spectators, but other coaches as well.  Do not forget that our students adore the girls’ team and hope nothing but the best for you as you move on towards college.

Be proud of what you have accomplished here at Bishop Kelly.  Stand tall and walk with a smile because you have much to be grateful for.

Go Knights!!





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