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Don’t Be Part of the Statistics; Buckle Up For Bobby

Don’t Be Part of the Statistics; Buckle Up For Bobby

One person dies in the US every 13 minutes in a car accident. Around 115 are killed every day. 1.2 million people are killed from car crashes world wide, each year. Don’t be a part of a statistic, please wear your seat belt.

A  research report based on 2007 data reports that seat belts saved a whopping 15,147 lives each year. Wearing your seat belt gives you a major advantage of living in a car wreck.

(Sources at bottom of article)

On the 2nd of April, Bobby Rodger’s family and  friends came to speak with Bishop Kelly about the painful tragedy that happened on September 9th, 2012. This misfortune resulted in two being tragically lost that day. Bobby Rodgers, 16 years old, along with Tiffany Walters, 17 years old,  passed away.

Bobby Rodgers’ parents turned tragedy into something powerful and passionate  by creating the organization called ‘Buckle Up for Bobby’.

Sheri, Duke, and friends spoke about the importance of seat belts and showed demonstration videos of how serious car crashes can be even at 30 mph.

Buckle Up for Bobby’s mission is to lead by example, by always wearing seat belts. They also strive to educate everyone they can, specifically teenagers, on the importance of wearing their seat belt, and how it could save their life some day. They also honor those who have been affected by the loss of a loved one through supportive actions.

Buckle Up for Bobby’s overall goal is to educate and reach out to young drivers and passengers to wear their seat belts.

Buckle Up for Bobby achieved their goal with Bishop Kelly students by some of their students reactions.

“My reaction was sadness,” Said freshman, Sam Tatilian, “I am going to buckle up from now on.”

“Death is really real. It makes you think if you were to die, how would your family react?” was junior, Eli Zepeda’s reaction.

Junior, Josh Cambell, stated that he learned the moral of their presentation, to always wear a seat belt. “I will make sure I wear a seat belt anytime I go in a car” he said.

Bobby Rodgers and Tiffany Walters will forever be missed. In honor of them and all of the people who’ve passed away from car wrecks, let’s all band together and make sure we wear our seat belts, not just for us, but for our families and friends.

Visit Buckle Up for Bobby’s website to check out information about the organization, helpful resources, donate, and check out upcoming events.

~Click Here~

An upcoming event is a 5k run for Bobby Up For Bobby. Register now!

Rest in Paradise Bobby Rodgers and Tiffany Walters. You will never be forgotten.


Sources of statistics in the beginning of the article:

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