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Delsa’s Ice Cream and Burger Parlor

Delsa’s Ice Cream and Burger Parlor

Sydney Vallin, waitress

On 7923 Ustick Rd, Delsa’s is home to world class service, hamburgers, and milkshake. I went to dinner and the meal was nothing less than fantastic. The friendly service, by our own smiling Sydney Vallin, greeted me with a friendly smile and was ready to take my order.

I started out by asking what was most popular on the menu. “The burgers are our most popular, but the chicken sandwich is not bad either,” Sydney replied. I followed Sydney’s advice. I also ordered a very delicious milkshake consisting of Cherry and Marshmallow. It was difficult to decide because the 16 flavors all looked so good. It was to die for. However, the most ordered milkshake is the Pumpkin milkshake. The Pumpkin is a limited edition, seasonal milkshake that is only served during the fall months.

The bacon cheeseburger, cherry and marshmallow milkshake, and the tater tots all came to about $7.20 without tax. I found it extremely reliable to find a well cooked meal for a reasonable price under $8. Mike Lodge stated, “The Pumpkin milkshake was delicious and the burger was unbelievable.”  The food was served in a quick fashion and the friendly staff served it while it was still steaming.

The food was filling and stayed with me through the night. The staff was pleasant and very prompt in serving food.  The restaurant or parlor was clean and tidy. It had a nice touch and seemed to be alive. The colors of the walls make the place even more exciting and enjoyable to be when you are eating a superb burger.

dining area

Overall, my experience was astounding and if you haven’t been to Delsa’s I would recommend going as soon as possible.


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