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Confirmation Classes

Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes are now being held through Oneight and Lifeteen at St. John’s Cathedral. This offer is available for all people who wish to be confirmed into the Catholic faith, and Confirmation is one of the essential seven sacraments.

Lorissa Horn, the minister for the youth groups of the church, is the leader of the program and has opened it to any sophomores or greater that have received Baptism and First Communion. These classes run each Sunday, from 6:00 to 7:45 P.M. Each week, members learn about their faith through fun activities, until the Confirmation mass on May 5th.

Rick Bonney, deacon at Bishop Kelly, says that “technically, there are no requirements to be confirmed. In fact, there is no best age to receive the sacrament. In Orthodox churches, Baptism and Confirmation go hand-in hand. In the Catholic Church, however, you must typically be in the 7th-12th grade and have a sponsor.” When questioned about the importance of Confirmation, Bonney stated, “From the early church to today, Confirmation has been known as a powerful sacrament. It earns its classification as a sacrament of initiation by bestowing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Many people in this country today view it as a choice to go forward with your faith. This is false. You aren’t choosing your faith, you are receiving a gift from God.” If one chooses to get Confirmed, they have to remember: The oil is just the outward sign of the sacrament. It’s the grace that really matters.

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