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Bishop Kelly’s Seasonal Family Recipes

Bishop Kelly’s Seasonal Family Recipes

In the Bishop Kelly community we have many different backgrounds of people who have come together at this school and all have special holiday dishes that they may share with the Bishop Kelly community. These special dishes are in a wide array of candies to soups, dinner entrées, and desserts. For example a dish that my family creates is our world renowned Beef Stew for those cold and windy autumn nights. Nothing is better than coming in from the cold to a nice hot bowl of soup.

On the other hand a Junior named Carlos Morawski’s family make a favorite Spanish dessert of their which has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. This special treat is called Rosca de Reyes which translates to King’s Ring. Carlos and his mom make this cake every year together around Christmas time. While Carlos and his family are baking wonderful cakes Alice Navarro and her family are having their own culinary fun.

Every Christmas sophomores Alice Navarro makes tamales for her family and friends. “We usually do beef or chicken… but it doesn’t matter because they are always really yummy!” said Alice. “But that’s not all we do, we also make a special bean casserole that’s recipe has been in our family since before I was born,” explained Alice. When I asked her if she would mind sharing the family casserole she said “no comment”.

Although it may seem like all our wonderful teachers don’t do anything outside of school other than grade papers or read books that they will soon assign, some of the teachers at our school meet up and make pies instead. Mrs. Freeman, Mrs. Clarkson and Mrs. Beeter have come together for about seven years now to come together in this season of giving and make pumpkin pies for themselves and their families. And maybe if your nice and ask in the right way they might bring you or your class some pie!

So as you can see our Bishop Kelly family has many traditions and many fun ways of celebrating during this holiday seasons. So during this holiday season do be scared to ask fellow students, faculty or staff about what they do this time of the year because it might just surprise you for the better, and could also bring your family to begin new traditions.

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