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The Benefits of Reading

The Benefits of Reading

Reading can take you to a different world, outside the walls of Bishop Kelly, without leaving the comfort of your desk. Plus it has been proven that reading increases test scores and improves critical thinking.

For BK’s assistant librarian, Ms. Small, reading has always been a part of her. “For me, reading was my fantasy.”

She said, “I’ve been a reader all my life.” Ms. Small said that reading has definitely made her more well rounded. When asked what a book that everyone needs to read, it was The Maze Runner. She said it’s a great series for boys and girls.

When interviewing Librarian Mrs. Janot, she said that reading improves success in college, “Because you read lots of complicated text in college.” She also said that it improves your chances on the ACT.

One of Mrs. Janot’s favorite books is, A Movable Feast by Hemingway. She read it on her way to Paris. “I was going to Paris to study…and I wanted to walk t he haunts of where Hemingway had been [In his book].”

When Mrs. Freeman, a BK English teacher, and avid reader, was asked what book everyone should read, she said To Kill a Mockingbird. “It’s such a wonderful book.” And one of her favorite stories is The Velveteen Rabbit; she said it’s just the cutest story.

The National Endowment for the Arts shows a link between pleasure reading and better scores. “The most pronounced improvement…occurred on exams focused on analyzing reading, writing, and verbal skills.” Said

So whether you are reading for work or for pleasure, there are multiple benefits, and always remember leader’s are readers!

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