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The State Debate

The State Debate

“The competition was amazing!” – Jacob Pintar

This past weekend, Bishop Kelley’s Speech and Debate team went to Borah High School for the annual State Debate tournament. to compete against 33 other teams.

The State Debate Tournament starts with students meeting in the cafeteria of the school. There, they can meet and talk to other teams, eat food, or relax while they wait for a post on a wall to tell them where to go for their event. Events were held in various classrooms throughout the high school. It starts out with various preliminary rounds where students go one on one on pre-assigned topics that came months before.

Skilled students who scream by placements and are able to land themselves a 5-1 or 6-0 record advance to a bracket. Unfortunately this year, no Bishop Kelly student was able to make it into the bracket this year, but Madeline Keckler was close. She finished 9th of 34 and was one spot away from joining in the elimination rounds.

According to Sophomore debater Jacob Pintar, Renaissance is the biggest rival of the BK debate team. “Our [Bishop Kelly's] best student placed 9th and their [Renaissance's] best student placed 3rd.”

Bishop Kelly suffers from a small student count. “Were losing four or five seniors this year” said an energetic Jacob. The already small team is always looking for new members. If you are into speaking in front of crowds, arguing your point, or just looking to meet new people, the Debate team might be for you. “I think the future looks promising for the debate team” said Jacob. Jacob thinks that even though some students will be leaving, the team will do much better with its skilled younger portion of the team.

Results for all schools can be found here and here

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