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First BK Photo Contest; Vote Here!


Hello voters! Below are the 8 photo submissions sent in by a wide variety of our very own BK students. The subject was “What Makes YOU Happy.” Take a look at all the fantastic photos and vote for your absolute favorite! (The prizes are listed below) The photos are labeled by number, so at the bottom of the page there will ... Read More »

Washing the Dust of Daily Life off; AP Art Show


As said by the famous Pablo Picasso, the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off of our souls. The Bishop Kelly AP Art show defiantly washed the dust off of people’s daily lives. Everywhere you looked, there was a new concept and new colors jumping out at you. There was many different types of art that ... Read More »

Softball Senior Night


The lady knights softball senior night was a success! BK played the Middleton Vikings. The lady knights fought hard and came up to plate with powerful bats and speed. The Vikings threw curve balls, but the lady knights prevailed. By the third inning the knights achieved a score of 4 to 1, with a winning start. This winning start paid ... Read More »

Don’t Be Part of the Statistics; Buckle Up For Bobby

Speakers(Mom, Dad, Friend) at the Buckle Up for Bobby assembly

One person dies in the US every 13 minutes in a car accident. Around 115 are killed every day. 1.2 million people are killed from car crashes world wide, each year. Don’t be a part of a statistic, please wear your seat belt. A  research report based on 2007 data reports that seat belts saved a whopping 15,147 lives each ... Read More »

Ultimate Spring Break Playlist; 14 Songs for 2014


We all know that during Spring break, teenagers work on their tans and teachers work on their sanity. Below are 14 uplifting, catchy, and Spring-break-ready songs that will defiantly spice up your wonderful week off. This playlist includes EDM (Electric Dance Music), Alternative, and other surprises. At least one song on this playlist will be a song that you have ... Read More »

A Snapshot In Time; Mural Time-Lapse


The 1st period painting class  had the opportunity to paint a wonderful mural at Catholic Charities in Boise for Service Learning Day, with the help of the art teacher, Mrs. Wilson! The theme of the mural was around the world, showcasing painted polaroid pictures take were ‘taken’ by adventurous animals and crafty kids. Some of the places that the polaroid’s took ... Read More »

BK on Netflix and Top 3′s of Horror, Comedy, and TV Show’s


If you’ve ever had access to Netflix, you know the feelings of binge watching a new show you found, watching all 7 seasons in two days, and getting depressed when it’s over. It’s a pretty common thing for Netflix users. Netflix allows you to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV shows that stream to your TV or game console. Sounds ... Read More »

Sochi 2014 Olympics; You Win Some, You Luge Some


The 22nd Olympic Games being conducted in Sochi, Russia consists of dedicated athletes pushing themselves to excel at their sport. They all defiantly go for the gold in the cold! What makes the Winter Olympics so unique is that there are some many individual competitors and stories. Yes, there are team events, such as hockey and curling, but there are ... Read More »

Catholic Schools Week Dress Up Day Video

BeFunky_connor martin-Barker twins.jpg

Monday: College Wear Tuesday: Mass Wednesday: Twin Day Thursday: Thrifty Friday: BK Spirit Everyone’s participation in the dress up days made a wonderful and fashionable Catholic Schools Week! The freshmen trend was graphic prints. The sophomore trend was donuts! The junior trend was animals. The senior trend was creativity. The faculty trend was BK wear.   Read More »

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