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Don’t Be a Fool. Go See the Spring Play!

Don’t Be a Fool. Go See the Spring Play!

April 10-13 the drama club will be putting on their spring play Fools, by Neil Simon.

Around 200 years ago, a curse was cast on the village of Kulyenchikov after the son of Vladimir Yousekevitch killed himself because the first Sophia Zubritsky was forbid to see him being that he was illiterate. This curse caused everyone in the village to be dumb. The only way the curse could be broken is if Sophia Zubritsky (a descendent of the original Sophia Zubritsky; played by Andrea Froehlke) was able to be taught or married the descendent of Vladimir Yousekevitch, Count Gregor Yousekevitch (Played by Brian Jankowski). This play follows the story of the new teacher, Leon Telchinsky (played by Jerry Murphey) trying to help break the awful curse on the city.

The director, Jenny Sternling, who has been directing BK plays for the past 10 years, said she chose this play to do in her 10th year because it was the first play she ever directed and she’s always liked it. She thought it would be perfect as a “10-year anniversary” play of her being here. Also, she said she chose it because she knew it was family-friendly and there wouldn’t be any questioning over the script.

Stage manager Jacob Cantrell told me that he has been able to see the great improvements made by the cast since the first rehearsal about 2 months ago.

Andrea Froehlke also agreed with Cantrell. She said it has been such a great experience to come so far as a cast and be able to see the changes since day one.

This play was also last for one of the actors, senior Jerry Murphey. Sternling and the rest of the cast say they will miss him but he has been a good contribution to the group since he joined.

Sternling also had good words for the juniors going into the senior position next year. She has great faith that they will fill the shoes left for them from other senior classes and that they will continue to bring more joy to the plays.

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