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42 Still Hits The Curve

42 Still Hits The Curve

Actual picture of Jackie Robinson

With baseball season starting I’ m sure everyone is looking for that one film to get them in the mood. Well 42 is the one to watch.

42, a film about Jackie Robinson, a black baseball player, helping with the fight against color discrimination in the 1940s. This movie shows his trials and tributes throughout his many years of rising to the top.

I bet your wondering why this movie is called 42, well that is because Jackie’s number was 42, which also is now the first retired number in Major League Baseball.

Jackie Robinson, played by Chadwick Boseman; Branch Rickey, the Dodgers owner being played by Harrison Ford. These two characters would by far be my favorite. Their acting in this movie is outstanding. All in all, the acting by everyone was really good and gave a great patriotic feeling when watching just like baseball does.

Having this movie based on a true story, I think 42 did a great job in correctly playing a monumental time in history. Keeping facts and moments on point to a T. Yes, just like any movie there was extra scences that may have not occurred but 42 stuck to the plot very well. The plot kept you on your toes and interested.

Jackie Robinson with teammate Pee Wee

Also adding an extra story about the boy who loved Jackie made the movie heart warming, watching him at the games with his mother.

Picking such a monumental time, not only in history, but in baseball helps this movie be greater then it already is. Being able to attract many different audience members, 42 definitely hit it out of the ball park.

This movie is not only is great to get in that baseball mood, but it is an a excellent movie with a phenomenal theme and I suggest everyone take a look.

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